Have a listen to a track i recorded bass on at Metropolis Studio’s, London back in 2012 with Mark Ronson & Katy B for their ‘Anywhere in the World’ track featured on the 2012 Olympic’s coverage for the American sports channel NBC! Engineered and Produced by Ben Baptie, Drums/Percussion by Garry Kroll.



Have a listen to this track featuring myself on bass, from Rap/Rock band VTKTM called ‘Handcuffs’



Have a listen to this beautiful song from Julie Daske called ‘Touch Me’ featuring my recorded bass.


Have a listen to the Violet Heights song ‘Ready to Fly’  featuring my recorded bass


Have a listen to ‘Destiny’ by Ryan Inglis, featuring my recorded bass.



Have a listen to my first solo composition ‘The Endless Hall’

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