This is my first official post!

So June & July were very musically productive, lots of great gigs with different projects and a nice wide range of genres!

I had my first two gigs with Kelis in Ireland (Sea Sessions festival) and Scotland (Glasgow O2) which was an awesome experience! and have also been quite busy in the studio for a few recording sessions as well as a band video shoot!

August is looking even better! 11 gigs in a row.. 24 in total! Starting off with a few function gigs, Mamastones House-Band gig in Sidmouth, two gigs with one of the original projects I’m involved with ‘Violet Heights’ and then off to Portugal with the Bee Gee’s trib for 3 days.. back home for one day before flying off to Budapest for the Sziget festival and then Belgium for the Pukkelpop festival with Kelis and the band!

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Thanks for reading!


One thought on “June/July

  1. Hi bill, i love your bass playing.
    WHO Else is in kelis band? Graeme?
    All best wishes for your next Gigs, cheers michael

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