Hi! Thanks for checking in, this is quick rundown of what has been happening in the last few months:

I visited Germany in early September for the Warwick Open-day, and what an incredible experience to be at the Headquarters in Markneukirchen. The factory tour was very insightful, and to play on over 50 beautiful Warwick’s was a huge pleasure, aswell as jamming with other Warwick endorsee’s from around the globe! i had the chance to meet my bass hero Victor Wooten! and maaany other bass legends, it was a very surreal but amazing 3 days!

The week following the Germany trip was a flight to Russia/Ukraine for three days with the Alex Hutchings band for the Koktebel Jazz Festival, a crazy beautiful place and was an incredible show located on the beach! it was really well received by the audience seeing as we were quite a bit heavier compared to the other acts on the bill, a couple of pictures from the gig in the Photo’s section :-)

The rest of the month was filled with gig’s with various different bands, original, function, blues/jazz and funk, a more recent project i’m involved with is ”The Rawness” a neo-soul/old-funk/fusion type of band.. including James Morton (sax) Gary Alesbrook (trumpet) Alex Hutchings (guitar) Craig Connet (drums) and Anders Ollinder (keys) a mean six piece with some cracking original tunes! gigs will be booked in and around Bristol area so look out for those.

October has been equally as busy, and again totally different to Septembers happening’s –

I’ve been playing a few shows with ‘The Eden Project’ fronted by the incredible Sarah Eden-Winn (The Voice UK 2014) and those gigs have always been inspiring and musically brilliant! Also a great pleasure to have been doing a few gigs with the awesome Houseband down at Mamastones this month fronted by a few different vocalists! lovely atmosphere at that venue.

Productive and amazing 4 day’s at Long Wave Studio in Cardiff, recording with one of my original projects Violet Heights for an upcoming EP to be released later this year, the recordings sound huge and it was a pleasure to work with producer Romesh Dodangoda, absolute legend – those 3 tracks will be ready for release around December, so i’ll post links to them when they are being dropped!

As always weekly bass tips & licks are being posted on my Instragam page, so go check that out if you’re looking for something new to improve or spice up your bass playing!

Thanks for reading,



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